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History of Gambling in Indonesia


The Indonesian gambling market is one of the most restricted gambling markets in the world but it hasn’t always been like this. Thanks to the Chinese influence on the country, the first simple gambling activities like coins or card games appeared in Indonesia more than 700 years ago. The games were quite popular in the IDR casinos of that times but everything changed in the 14th century when the Islamic religion became widespread across the country and got into the conflict with the country’s views on gambling.


In the 1960s, Indonesia became the independent country and for some time the story was over. Gambling activities were neither allowed nor prohibited and the government remained quite loyal until the 1970s. Since then, the Sharia law is 야동  the main law in the country and it bluntly forbids any kinds of gambling and banns all the Indonesia based online casinos as well as their land-based counterparts. 야한동영상넷 

In 2012, the Indonesian government decided to make the next step and accepting Indonesia players from providing the gambling services to the Indonesians. Despite the country’s desire to eliminate the top online casinos for Indonesian players, not so many casinos were banned since then and there are still a lot of the best online casinos for Indonesians in our list. Thus, the absence of the Indonesia approved online casinos doesn’t mean you can’t find the internet casino to play in in Indonesia.

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